100% natural product of habitual consumption. Make your dog happy in a healthy way.

What better way to reward our dog than with a natural treat. The natural snacks for dogs can be as tasty as the rest, but much more nutritious and healthy.  Natural Dog Foods and Treats. 🐕 Factory food for dogs dry and frozen high quality.

Natural treats for dogs. BURF Diet. 🐶 Natural food store for dogs, barf and snacks

  • list-info-icon HIGH QUALITY FOOD, We offer a full range of high quality pet foods that help protect and revitalize the immune system, muscles, bones, skin and fur.
  • list-info-icon ENERGETIC VALUE, They are easy to digest and contain valuable proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.
  • list-info-icon HEALTHY MASCOT, Regular consumption provides animals with all the nutrients essential for their growth, good health, strong bones and healthy teeth.

Product scope: 11 – Pet food
Technology scopes : D, F
Meet the requirements set out in
IFS Food, Version 6, April 2014
and other associated normative documents
At Higher level
with a score of 95.51 %

Veterinary agreement number
R0-MM-001/PET PR/3
COID: 52125
Certificate – register No: BUC6037802
For the audit scope:
Production of dried pet food made of animal by-products origin
packed into corrugated board boxes.